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Emergency & Short Notice Cleaning in SE11 (Lambeth)

Cleaning After Fire, Flood or Accident

24/7 Emergency cleaning services in SE11 (Lambeth) on very short notice to get our clients out of a tight spot!

Our comprehensive emergency cleaning services following fire, flood or accident covers hotels, restaurants, private homes and industrial & commercial premises.

Bio-Technology based cleaning

We use the latest technology, so protecting the planet doesn’t cost the earth!

Management Systems

We aim to meet and exceed clients expectations

The GGC senior management team is focused on delivering world class solutions underpinned by industry best practice. All of our services are based on industry standard Quality Management Systems (QMS).

We structure our cleaning services based on our combined 40 years of experience in the commercial contract cleaning industry, ensuring cost effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Quality Quality

Our Quality Management Systems underpin every element of our Service Delivery

Continuous Improvement Programme

Our commitment:

  • Consistently high quality cleaning
  • Exceptional account and service management
  • An understanding of specific requirements
  • Actively working to understand each clients specific requirements

World class cleaning should focus on the following:

A. Quality Cleaning Standards – method statements, work schedules and checklists

B. Client & Management Interactions – scheduled meetings and service reviews

C. Employee Welfare – employee welfare monitoring

We measure the quality of our service through a comprehensive log book and regular service reviews between the client and our management team.


We use Environmental Management Systems in our daily cleaning operations

Reduce environmental impact, increase customer trust & meet legal obligations

Our environmental approach:

  • Where possible, we use chemical-free cleaning products
  • We use microfibre cloths
  • We provide a range of environmentally responsible products
  • We carry out Environmental Awareness Training”

ISO 14001 accreditation focuses our attention on sustainability and the priority that we must give to using non-toxic and recycleable materials.

Health & Safety

GGC is keenly aware of its obligations under Health & Safety legislation

The protection of our staff, our customers and all those that visit their premises cannot be understated

Site Procedures Files contain all of the key information relating to our service delivery, including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Colour Coding policy
  • Full Sub-contractor Health & Safety information
  • Training Schedules

It is the duty of every employee to work in strict accordance with the company’s health and safety policy and is personally responsible to:

  • Act with adequate care to prevent injury to themselves and to others.
  • Report all accidents immediately, report damaged equipment and any potential hazard.
  • Always follow agreed working practices and use the correct safety equipment and protective clothing.

Our Health & Safety accreditations demonstrate our commitment.

GGC knows that cleaning personnel are often put in a position of great trust

Therefore, we have to be very selective with the people we employ. References both from former employers and from personal banks are taken up. Our recruitment process identifies staff that share our values of team work and commitment

We offer our staff:

  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Exceptional training
  • Career path
  • Motivation schemes

Our training programme is comprehensive and underlines our commitment to the very highest cleaning standards

All staff are trained in all aspects of cleaning prior to commencing cleaning duties. This review is carried out in 3 stages:

1. Training at our premises involving a full explanation of all our cleaning methods and techniques. Including a full COSHH lecture with a demonstration and a complete explanation of procedures to be adopted in the event of accidental misuse of products.

2. Cleaners are supervised for the initial period of any new contract to ensure that the training programme has been fully understood and is adhered to. This period also includes the security procedures of that particular site and the individual cleaning specifications of the site.

3. Ongoing, the performance of every cleaner at every site is monitored and we work to continually improve the service and maintain world class standards.

Continuous Improvment

We are committed to the use of PDCA – Deming Cycle, to measure performance and implement continuous improvement.

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You can rely on us for:
  • A full range of services
  • Very competitive prices
  • An understanding of your specific requirements
  • Exceptionally high standards
  • Professional and uniformed staff
  • Fully insured for your peace of mind

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